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Feel Your Way Through

Feel Your Way Through

The mind usually knows what the heart learns later, but there are those experiences that can only be discovered through feeling. Only. 

Lately, that is where I have been, in the feeling. Not the reason. The feeling has brought me here again, it has been a few months. 

What does it feel like to love something, and let it go? Honestly. Confusing, while in the same breath peaceful. To miss potential. To miss a moment. To miss a person. Is natural. I think that the most important part of awareness is that you have the sensory to understand that it exists, and it is healthy to acknowledge but that does not validate reconnection. As parts of you change, so do the things that keep you fulfilled in the capacity it takes at your new level. Levels are perspective. At the same time, the level is also spiritual. I have learned that the mind begins to wander when solitude brings you the necessary time to sit with yourself, and identify why you are alone. The layers of yourself you come to understand truly take discipline to commit to, rather than momentary satisfaction. Death and rebirth happen simultaneously over and over, as you build this relationship with your intuition. In this, there is the consideration of the person you once loved (you), and the people you once were attracted to. Internally, there is a calling within yourself you can feel pulling you forward when it is time for a new chapter. Nothing feels the same it once did, and you come to realize you need more. Even...If it ever was. This is an awakening happening.This is the period where grace is the most important. Toward yourself, and also to those that you loved in your time together. 

In awakening, there are so many birds-eye view moments that humble you. Bring you gratitude, and also bring you pain. You are vulnerable. Your eyes are raw with the truth's image. The point in it all is to go through. Not to go around, but through. This means feeling your way through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the story untold, motivating you to keep going. In this process, there is so much shedding. Conscious, and unconscious. Naturally, as you make a stride forward the past will be there for an opportunity to go back, and also to serve as a reminder of where you have come from. There is a grieving that transpires through this that everyone respond's to differently. I myself, am writing at this moment. 

I have learned to honor my stride, and take what comes along the way. Which in some sense, is letting go. With every goodbye, there is a hello for something new. That new thing is not always the form of a person. Even something. Rather, it's emotional intelligence. New boundaries. New communication style. New listening skills. New passion navigation. New handling of self. New quality of life. New blessings, in all forms. 

In awakening, this changes the capacity it takes to maintain a relationship with you. What you once were satisfied with no longer meets your needs in this season of life. This is not a negative connotation at all, but a reality. Allow yourself this space to be, and find what works for you in new ways. Welcome in new. More new from you, and also more new out there to greet you. 

My point in all of this is truly, being genuine to what you feel will look like "I miss" at times. If what became a part of the past was meant to be in this season.. it would not have missed you. So, keep going. What is for you won't miss you, and when you open yourself to the possibility of more you have to be willing to give something up. In yourself. In relationships. In material. Let it go. In letting go though, you can honor your genuine emotions in the time they served you. Even the times they were present, and it was not of your benefit but your need. True healing.

New becomes the new standard with time. It will continue to add in value as you build within yourself, and your choices, attracting higher energy into your life. I hope my way of acknowledgement could also be served as a hug in a sense because you relate.

With all the love, I encourage you to keep opening your eyes. Your heart. And, your spirit for a more purposeful you, new moments to come, and people that will mean something to you. 


I'll leave you with this. 

With everything in me, I give it everything I have as I release my attachment to everything that was. I am open for what the days ahead of me serve, no expectations only confirmation. I can. I will. I am. Divinely positioned. 

In the highest vibration, 

Arraya Hope 

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