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November 19th

November 19th

Angel number 19 is all about beginnings and endings.

Fitting, yellow heart.

What have I learned from the heart?

That love leads. That it is that simple, even if it is just one symbol -a yellow heart. Even if it is just one word, Love. It is ..”The One”. The one vessel. The one person. The one experience that exists beyond its one moment and connects us to a bigger picture. To each other. To growth. To endless reasons, but in this circumstance the one that led me home to myself... and you because home in our souls look no different when you have a soulmate. The journey home (inward) is not one that you can imagine, it is only one you can experience in its time. The mindfulness that your moments carry can produce experiences that bring about the unimaginable.


What has love done for me?

It has shown me that it conquers all, even in imperfection. That in the places it is strong, it can also be weak but it is always enough if you choose it, and build with its honesty.

 What I am really saying is that love drives you to places within yourself, in relationships, and within the world that show you reality is perspective. That the horse, and carriage you are led to in your fairytale does not always look picture worthy, or sound soft but love is an experience and not an image. It includes the ugly parts of life, the ugly parts of you, the ugly parts of people, the ugliness in situations that show you authenticity has light and darkness. That is what shadow work is though, a shadow of the places you are standing in and have been while simultaneously lighting up the darkness in your presence. Your present. Your past making you, but your future (aura) driving you into brighter places. Love is in all things, it just takes time to discover what love means to us personally. How much we are willing to destroy ourselves of our human nature, and to be energetically aligned with what is already written in our soul journey of knowing love. Love has taught me that ego and love do not exist in the same place. That love is demanding of the one decision to be in the fullness it provides without condition and in its act. I have come to realize that love is never ending, in fact every ending is really the beginning of the depth love can take you. There is always more, there is always a full circle to come around to and cycle through until you have reached the new beginning again, and again, and again. Exactly like healing is. Exactly like living is. Exactly like our purposes are designed, and destined for to break and piece together the point in anything. I used to think you always needed an answer until I realized there is no one answer for anything. Perspectives are limitless, and so are their purposes. The sacredness of an experience is what makes a moment, a memory. I wish that I could pinpoint one specific thing that brought me to this realization of love, of life, of reasoning that is left open-ended but I am still apart of the journey. Discovering. Learning, and unlearning simultaneously realizing I know things and know nothing at all at the same time. Logic is not meant to drive feeling. Feelings are. That is love. Love is a feeling, and when you know it you know that it ..Is- what- it- is. 4 words, just as love is 4 letters.


Art is feeling. To be a creative is to express your feelings through an Art that translates in a way that releases your feelings in a time while also creating a door for reasoning in others. Perspective, again.


In my time of growing in love I have observed a few things I want to share with you.


Love is here, right now in this moment.

Love is rare.

Love is safe, but it is not found in guarded places it is found in the open. The openness of your heart space, your mind, your expression, and the way you receive it in experience.

Love forgives.

Love teaches while learning.

Love empowers.

Love honors: Respect, Loyalty, Integrity, Character, Morals, Boundaries, and Humanness.

Love restores.

Love trusts its position and does not think twice.

Love gives up control and submits to flow.

Love answers even in its question(s).

Love is honest.

Love is soft and tough.

Love is an act.

Love is feeling that keeps on giving. You can find love in every emotion but its purpose will never look the same in every feeling but it exists.

Love is space. Love takes up space.

Love protects.

Love penetrates.

Love shifts form and places.

Love builds.

Love destroys ego.

Love chooses and remains a choice.

Love is patient.

Love is specific.

Love is quiet and loud.

Love is limitless, and amplifies with intention.

Love is whole and nurturing in the climb.

Love ends only in a new beginning.

Love is energy.

Love is who I am.

Love is who you are.


Love is what brought us here together, and I hope that for as long as we get the chance to experience each other that we choose ourselves. Choosing myself looks no different than choosing you except you have parts that I need, and I have parts that you do too we can offer each other in balance. In every phase that we shed and meet, I hope we grow to learn the love in each other. May we spread the love, and understanding it brings beyond ourselves and leave an impression only pure Angels can do. Thank you for creating a world, and sharing one with me. I love you. Yellow Heart



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