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A Letter to You

In Love I write this..


Hello, it is a pleasure to experience you.

While we are in sacred space together I figured I would take this moment to leave an impression with you that goes beyond Art (Fashion), and focus on the one inside you.


I see you. Thank you for being.

I consider life to be a time stamp, all the while believing, and realizing time is really just an illusion. Life goes beyond ourselves. We as humans are energy, vibrations that ascend and translate into so many different purposes beyond just experiencing matter. I say that to say, see yourself. Recognize the power you maintain, and attract. Be mindful of the limitless heights you can take yourself and tap into, with presence. The “Present” is truly a gift that keeps on giving. I want this to be your reminder, eye-opener, and also be your cheerleader to touch your moments. Leave your imprint. Become best friends with your mind. A sister, or brother to your SOUL. Open your heart, and use it much as it feels crazy it is genius. Do not let the power that you hold go to waste, or delay yourself the experience of a constant overflow in fullness by getting wrapped up in a phone. Or the internet. Where you cast your attention to... you increase the energy field, signaling the Universe to attract more of what you are embodying. See yourself. First and foremost, give yourself a hug. Tell yourself 4 good things you love about who you are, then find 4 things to have gratitude toward outside of yourself. This has lead you to 8. The number of NEW BEGINNINGS! Your chapter is on a fresh page, in ink ...make some new changes permanent to tell a new story. I am not in charge of what matters to you, or the person you choose to be in this lifetime but I hope to be an influence of Hope that your light is burning. The passion inside of you is there for a reason, and romance shouldn’t only be experienced romantically with a partner. We are life partners to ourselves first, and you deserve GOOD LOVE from yourself. You also deserve to experience the depths love can take you beyond human experience, go see the world. Do as your heart desires. Do it fearlessly, and trust in the unknown. Promise me you will touch the moment you are in from here on out. It didn’t just happen coincidently, it was aligned. It’s there for you to gut everything for what it is for, and fill you up with something. Pour out!! Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate. It will soon become a part of your memory, and no longer just a moment. That’s sacred.

I do not want to just ramble on with a bunch of what you should do because I think that’s something we discover within ourselves. I just hope that I leave you with eagerness to love as much as you can, feel alive as long as you live, and make memories that translate that passion, for people like me. Who will have second hand happiness, cry at the pure love, and meet you in the heights! The work on the inside always lays the foundation for the outfit. I can feel your impression in my Blueprint, that alone is enough. <3


                                                                      High Vibrations,

                                                                                                    Arraya Hope